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Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Player


Conclusions about the Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Player

Sony didn't go back and reinvent the Blu-ray player with the BDP-S5100. They stuck with their successful formula and have what is a minor upgrade to the BDP-S590 from last year. The new design certainly looks nice, though I do have a couple of reservations about it myself with the top surface and the disc tray. When it came down to performance, the BDP-S5100 does quite a good job overall. Load times were quick, standard Blu-ray 24p playback was perfect, and the color space issues I ran into last year have been banished. Also impressive is the WiFi design, as other players have issues in my upstairs media cabinet, but the BDP-S5100 does just fine.

The real downside on the BDP-S5100 in my use is the lack of cohesion. The interfaces of the apps are a hodge-podge where logins and controls work differently, and some use the Apps standard look and some have a custom Sony look. It makes for a confusing user experience as you navigate between different apps, and there still is no way to simplify the Home screen to have your favorite's right there. It is very nice that Sony has a wide selection of apps, but please let me somehow hide the ones I don't want.

For streaming content and playing back Blu-ray movies, the BDP-S5100 does a good job. It doesn't have any faults that are showstoppers, which I can't say about most Blu-ray players I see, and the overall performance is good. Hopefully Sony spends the next year working on refining the user experience of the player instead of adding features, as that is really what should be prioritized.