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Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Player


The Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Player On The Bench

On our Benchmark, the Sony does very well with DVD content, only slipping up a little bit on the 3-2 Cadence with mixed flags, where it will drop sync occasionally. On the HD side, there are a few more issues that arose. Noise reduction doesn't seem to do much of anything on our tests, and on the Ship video on Spears & Munsil some of the ropes will show a bit too much aliasing at times. It also has some combing in the mixed Film and Video scroll, and it only passes 1 of the Difficult Edits clips. The scaling test is a new test from Spears & Munsil V2, and it fails for both 480 and 720 resolutions, though every player fails this so far.

The Sony does very well on the DVD side of things, but worse on the Blu-ray side, and I've been moving the test to be more heavily weighted on Blu-ray performance, so overall scores will be dropping this year. For standard 24p films, like I mentioned before, you won't notice this at all, which is why I say the Sony looks as good as any player in the In Use section.

On our HDMI Benchmark, the issue with RGB from last year is now gone. YCbCr output is perfect, and RGB has very, very tiny errors that will not be visible at all, so use the one that your system supports best.

On our loading tests, the Sony is very fast compared to most players, falling just short of the best players. Where it comes up short is that it is slow to power on and start reading a disc, and the input feels a bit laggy sometimes. Compared to just a couple years ago, it is a good bit faster on average.

Overall, the Sony is a good performer on the bench tests. It's a very good DVD machine, and it is pretty good at Blu-ray content, though if you are watching a standard 1080p24 encoded movie, it'll look perfect.