Blu-ray Players

Sony BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray Player (Mega Changer)



While at first glance the CX7000ES may seem expensive, it’s really a bargain when compared to other media server products. Since Sony is the only company making disc changers, it has no real competition. It compares very favorably to other disc players with high quality output from both DVD and Blu-ray discs and has only a few issues when it comes to deinterlacing standard and hi-def material. It has all the latest features like full lossless codec support, 24p output and BD-Live. My only wish would be for DVD-Audio and SACD capability. I wouldn’t expect Sony to support DVD-A but I’m surprised their flagship Blu-ray changer/player doesn’t play SACDs.

If you have a large disc collection, this player can literally put it at your fingertips. Once set up, you can access your entire library from the remote. Loading discs is easy and the player has excellent ergonomics. If convenience and ease-of-use are a priority, that's where the CX7000ES shines. If you’re trying to eliminate that big bookcase with its 400 movies, then this or its sibling, the BDP-CX960, are two great choices. This is a one of a kind product with supreme convenience and decent performance. If its features are what you are looking for, I give it my highest recommendation.