Blu-ray Players

Sony BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray Player (Mega Changer)


On the Bench

The CX7000ES exhibited solid performance in our benchmark with only a couple of hiccups here and there. Measurements were taken from the component analog video outputs at 1080i resolution. The CX7000ES exhibited good results for its core measurements. The luma and chroma channels were perfectly in sync with each other and its image was displayed in full resolution without any pixel cropping issues. The player was able to pass a below black signal. The white levels measured from the CX7000ES were outside of our +/- 2 range and were measured at 103IRE giving it a failing score on our test. With a white level this hot, some video processors may end up clipping above white information. The frequency response from this player was measured to be very smooth with minute deviations which translates to excellent picture quality and accurate details. The CX7000ES tackled all of our chroma upsampling error tests with aplomb and didn't exhibit the CUE issue on any of the test patterns.

Standard DVD Performance

The CX7000ES had good overall deinterlacing performance with a few exhibited problems. It failed our 3-2 cadence mixed flags test which tests the processor's ability to stay in film mode while the material changes between film and video style flags. The player also failed the 3-2 cadence video flags test and minor artifacting was witnessed on our test patterns. While this player did pass our high detail test which uses the Super Speedway clip, it exhibited some issues on the more difficult Coliseum flyover scene from Gladiator. The player locked onto the pattern but couldn't stay locked onto it for the full duration of the sequence and some artifacting could be seen. Other than these issues the player passed the rest of our film based deinterlacing tests with flying colors.

On video based material the CX7000ES had solid performance. The player is motion adaptive, was able to recover between film and video mode hastily, and passed our 2-2 cadence tests as well, with no exhibited issues.

HD Video Performance

HD Performance on the CX7000ES was a bit of a mixed bag. On the upside the CX7000ES passed our tests for 1920x1080 pixel cropping showing that it could deliver the full hi-def image. The player employs diagonal filtering thereby allowing it to display diagonal lines without the presence of jaggies and the player was also free from any kind of banding issues. Where the CX7000ES fell short was in its lack of having any advanced noise reduction features as well as its inability to properly handle the 1080i/p conversion. This player could not properly convert either 2:2 or 3:2 cadence material which is most frequently seen on documentary and concert footage.


Usability on the CX7000ES was excellent. The player had a brisk layer change clocking under a second and the XMB interface and remote control was responsive and had speedy operation. Disc changes on this carousel clocked in at around 30 seconds.