Blu-ray Players

Pioneer BDP-52FD 3D Universal Blu-ray Player


Design of the Pioneer BDP-52FD Blu-ray Player

Pioneer might have totally redone the internals of their Blu-ray players, but the outside of the Elite series still has the same look. The player was a little bit lighter than I had expected it to be, but it didn’t feel flimsy or cheap in construction at all. I do wish that there was a cover for the front USB port to keep it hidden away when not in use, but otherwise the BDP-52FD looks very nice.

Setup is clear to anyone that’s used a Blu-ray player now. Select your display resolution, and your colorspace, then if you prefer bitstream or PCM for audio over HDMI, and you are set to go. These choices will be dependent on your display and receiver, so I can’t offer certain recommendations for those. I chose bitstream and 4:4:4 colorspace for my use, though we did bench test all different colorspaces available.

One aspect that Pioneer did not update was their remote control for their Blu-ray players. All of their home theater products have a similar remote, which might make it easier if you have a complete Pioneer setup. For people with only a Blu-ray player, you might find the buttons are smaller and less accessible than you might like them to be, and there is no backlighting either. Pioneer does have an iOS App that you can install to control the player, which many people might prefer to the remote.