Blu-ray Players

Pioneer BDP-43FD Blu-ray Player


On The Bench

On the test bench, the Pioneer did well with the SD clips for both film and video cadence, with no issues seen over HDMI. Once I moved to HD material there were a few issues that came out. Using the wedge patterns on Spears and Munsil to test the deinterlacing, the Pioneer managed to lock onto the cadence of the clips correctly, but introduced a lot of noise that shouldn’t be there. Where the wedges should be clean, straight lines up until the very top, there were patterns throughout that indicated that some additional processing was going on as they aren’t in the source material. This appears to be due to Pioneer engaging some details edge enhancement that cannot be disabled by the user, and so this is a fail on these tests. There was no noise reduction control available to us, and no apparent noise reduction being done either. Testing of the component video output on the oscilloscope wasn’t done due to the lack of support for resolutions beyond 480p on DVD content.

Once I noticed the image enhancement that was going on, I watched some of the other test clips on Spears and Munsil, including the Ship test for jaggies on a sailboat. While the it passed the jaggies test, around the sails and the wires there was a distinct halo present, as you would see on a bad Blu-ray transfer that was filled with edge enhancement. Once I saw this ringing on screen, I went back to some video material and began to notice it there as well. It was most apparent with dark images on a bright background, where you can observe a distinct halo, but this is something that is magnified the larger the screen you have.

On our new HDMI testing, the Pioneer did very well as the YCbCr 4:4:4 data that it output perfectly matched what the reference values were expected to be. Of course, the Pioneer did output this as 12-bit color, and there were no other colorspace or Deep Color options available to us to test. However, if your system can handle this format properly, then you won’t have to worry about the colorspace conversion on the Elite.

The Pioneer did fairly well with loading times on the discs tested.