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Yamaha BD-S1065 Blu-ray Player

Yamaha BD-S1065

The BD-S1065 is one of Yamaha’s most recent Blu-ray models (the other being the BD-S1900), and is also the least expensive model in their lineup. It is not a universal player, instead focusing simply on Blu-ray. Let's see how it performed.


Panasonic BD-60 Blu-ray Player

Panasonic BD-60

Panasonic has a long tradition of producing well regarded, competitively priced disc players. Many of their DVD players were among the best at producing a 480p image, and at a very reasonable cost. Panasonic was at it again with Blu-ray, being one of the main companies out there with a large line of affordable players for consumers, with some extra features that other companies don't include.


Onkyo DV-BD507 Blu-ray Player


It wasn’t but about 18 months ago that Blu-ray players were still considered high end devices, selling mostly to enthusiasts, videophiles, and the like. Recently, the market for these players has really taken off, mostly due to the big box retailers dropping prices to DVD player levels. The fact that one can walk into a Wal-Mart and purchase a Blu-ray player for under $150 makes it somewhat of a commodity item at this point. Why not own one? Blu-ray discs are indeed more expensive (sometimes prohibitively so), but on the rental front, you can get them from Blockbuster or Netflix on the cheap, and enjoy your films in much higher quality.


OPPO BDP-83SE (Special Edition) and NuForce Edition Universal Blu-ray Players

oppo-bdp-83se-teaserOPPO's BDP-83 Universal Blu-ray Player has been very successful, as it is one of only a few players that will ouput all codecs (CD, DVD-A, SACD, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio) in digital format through an HDMI connection. Now, with the Special Edition of this player, called the BDP-83SE, along with a tweaked version of the SE, called the BDP-83SE NuForce Edition, analog audio performance is improved significantly, and in fact, both players perform like units costing much, much more.


Sony BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray Player - Benchmark

Sony BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray PlayerThe Sony ES line has always represented the very best of what Sony has to offer.  The ES stands for Sony’s Elevated Standard and the BDP-S5000ES is Sony’s premier Blu-ray/DVD player, offering a host of features targeted at the audiophile and videophile who is looking for the very best.