Blu-ray Players

OPPO BDP-83SE (Special Edition) and NuForce Edition Universal Blu-ray Players



OPPO has set another standard with the BDP-83 Special Edition Universal Blu-ray Player, and NuForce has made some measureable improvements with their tweaked version. The analog audio outputs of these two special edtion players rival players costing quite a bit more.

Some of you might have difficulty making a decision on which one to purchase. My recommendations are as follows: If you have an entry-level type of surround sound setup, say a $599 receiver with inexpensive speakers, choose the standard version and play your music through the HDMI connection, or if your receiver does not have HDMI inputs with audio decoding, use the 7.1 analog output on the player. If you have a higher-end setup, such as a $1,500 receiver and speakers costing several thousand dollars, and the receiver has HDMI inputs with audio decoding, purchase the BDP-83SE and use the HDMI connection, but also use the special stereo analog outputs plugged into a stereo analog input set on the receiver. And, of course, if you have state of the art home theater, obtain the BDP-83SE/Nuforce Edition, connect with HDMI, and also the special stereo analog outputs.

Make no mistake, OPPO is becoming a major force in Blu-ray and audio players. The next generations will be even better than these.