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Onkyo DV-BD507 Blu-ray Player


In Use

The Onkyo was an excellent performer during my viewing tests. Aside from The Dark Knight, I also watched Knowing, Jumper, and used some of my reference scenes from The Fifth Element, The Last Waltz, and Cars. Generally speaking, I have no complaints at all with regards to the performance of this player. Of the material I viewed, my favorites included the IMAX scenes from The Dark Knight, which were gorgeous in their full-frame output to my Samsung LNT-4671F. The vivid flyover shots of the city (both Gotham and Singapore) were magnificent, so much so that I would often replay them just to take in more detail. The taxicab swooshing through the city in The Fifth Element is another of my preferred demo scenes because of all the rapidly moving colors and layers. Again, the DV-BD507 handled this with aplomb.

Audio performance was also excellent. The opening scene from Cars features the rush of race cars roaring around the track, and brought the living room to life with the TrueHD track. Listening to the ensemble finale “I Shall Be Released” from The Last Waltz, I could feel the emotion of the moment (even though it wasn’t truly the last song performed at the real concert, it did feel like the farewell as it was the last song of the film). I really love listening to the various performances in this film in their uncompressed LPCM grandeur. There was not much to complain about with The Dark Knight either (can you tell that I really loved this film?). The explosion of Gotham General Hospital as the Joker exits merrily rocked me out of my seat but never distorted at all. It was simply clear and visceral. The DV-BD507 certainly has its audio chops.

As I mentioned previously in the review, I didn’t find a whole lot to be gained in terms of audio quality by outputting the high resolution audio via bitstream versus LPCM. Perhaps the one benefit with the latter is that you can set levels in both this player or in the receiver (so if you wanted to keep your Audyssey equalized settings global on the receiver, for example, you could still set independent levels on the player. I didn’t bother to do this; preferring to output the audio via bitstream and allow my preconfigured equalization settings on the receiver do their job. In addition, I prefer to apply the THX post processing effects of my Onkyo TX-SR875 to further improve the sound based on my room.