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LG BP730 Blu-ray Player


Conclusions about the LG BP730 Blu-ray Player

The biggest way that LG tries to set the BP730 apart is with the Magic Remote. In my use I find it to be wonderful ergonomically but not offering much benefit over a regular remote. I like having buttons I can quickly access to use, and missing the Menu and Eject buttons is a problem for me. Having the cursor usually doesn't provide much benefit and there is no way to disable it. If it was only enabled for on-screen keyboards I would be happy with it, but not for just watching a movie.

I also find the absence of Amazon Instant Video hard to overlook. More and more people have Amazon Prime accounts and utilize the free streaming that subscription provides. There is also a lot of paid content people buy through Amazon and want to watch through their Blu-ray player, but can't on the LG BP730. I have heard it is coming this week as I write this but have not seen it appear on my review unit yet.

Beyond those issues, I find the BP730 to be a nice Blu-ray player overall. The solid build quality reflects the price appropriately and the unit is quite pleasing to the eye. I would like a rear USB port to complement the front one, but those are less common these days.

What LG does nail in this year's model is the main screen interface. Compared to some of the competition, it is worlds ahead. Simple, clean, and easy to find what you want to watch or listen to. Combined with the Blu-ray playback, it makes for a player that I can almost recommend to everyone. If the streaming performance after that main screen is as good as other players, then I'd say anyone that doesn't need Amazon should look at it. Hopefully some of the issues I noted in this review will be corrected with a firmware update, making this LG player a good buy.