Blu-ray Players

Cambridge 751BD Universal 3D Blu-ray Player


Conclusions About the Cambridge 751BD Universal Blu-ray Player

Oppo and their implementation of the Mediatek chipset have set the bar for Blu-ray players very high. Other players might have the same chipset, but don’t offer close to the same performance. With our HDMI Benchmark I am often so surprised to see any player score decent on it that just being accurate in decoding, much less having good processing, seems to merit an award now. Thankfully there are other vendors out there that want to make a universal player that we can hold up for acclaim.

The Cambridge 751BD was a spectacular Blu-ray player on our benchmark tests, wonderful on the audio bench tests, and is incredibly well built. It is a quality product that has impeccable fit and finish and an audio section that will please the most demanding audiophile. The only complaint I can muster after a few weeks with the 751BD is that the remote isn’t backlit, which I hope they can remedy in the future. Beyond that small nit-pick, anyone that wants to own one of the best Blu-ray players on the market needs to demo the Cambridge 751BD, as it really is a fantastic unit. It’s only mid-January when I write this, but I doubt I’ll see a better player this year.