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SECRETS Best of 2011 Awards


Best Product Awards for 2011

The SECRETS Editorial Team is pleased to announce the Best of 2011 Awards. This year we have added a new Media Category for 3D Movies, in addition to Blu-ray, CD and Vinyl Recordings. And this year we have two products winning the "BAD ASS" Award,  and one Media "BAD ASS" for Audio. This year the Editorial Team is highlighting two technology areas for particular attention in 2012, so be sure to check out the "Technologies on the Rise Awards".

Congratulations to all of our 2011 WINNERS!!

Best Two Channel Speakers Best Bookshelf Speakers
Best Value 5.1 Speakers Best Integrated Amplifier
Best Value Integrated Amplifier Best Custom Installer Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
Best High End Power Amp Best Value Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
Best New Cable Company Best Value DAC
Best Video Calibration Software Best Universal Player
Best Value 3D Blu-ray Player Best Compact Subwoofer
Best Projector over $3000 Best Projector under $3000
Best Surround Sound Processor Best Value Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier
Best Turntable Best Video Processor
Best Advanced Room Correction Firmware Best CD Transport
Best Value AVR Best Mid Priced AVR: Audio and ARC
Best Value Stereo Receiver Best CD Player
Best Earbuds Best Value Tower Standing
Best Audio Accessory