Audio Calibration

Anthem Room Correction (ARC) System - Part 2 - Including a Subwoofer


Conclusions on the Performance of ARC with a Subwoofer

I have presented a significant number of graphs in this section. They represent only a small population of the measurements I made to confirm the ARC system is able to join main channels (four different speakers tested) and a subwoofer (two models tested) seamlessly. Of the room correction systems I have tested, only the Anthem ARC has the ability to create the correct filter shapes for each channel correctly, with the corresponding flat total response curve. This result is achieved at any sensible crossover frequency chosen by the user - an option not available in some room correction systems. A few room-independent room EQ components selling for well into five figures for eight channels may be able to produce these results, but I have not tested them. Such independent components introduce a redundant ADC and DAC into the system that could affect sound quality. This is why it is critical that the state-of-the-art room correction system, such as ARC, be internal to the AVR or Pre/Pro

Many other reviewers have tested ARC-enabled products and provided subjective impressions, so I will provide only a simple observation. Before the Anthem ARC, I had never heard a system with a subwoofer that had not been degraded in the crossover area. To me, this degradation from other room correction systems I have had access to, was far more significant than the extension of the bottom end. I am not the only one who appears to have come to this conclusion. How many equipment reviewers who work in the domain of two-channel music systems are using subwoofers?  If these reviewers had access to an Anthem product with ARC, some minds might be changed.