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WireWorld Gold Starlight 6 Digital Interconnects, Eclipse 6 Interconnects, Platinum Eclipse 6 Interconnects, and Eclipse 6 Speaker Cables


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I am not going to waste your time with, " . . . it seemed as though a veil had been lifted . . ." nonsense. The differences that cables make are very subtle, if and when they make a difference. And, they don't always make a difference. It depends very significantly on the components that you are connecting with the cables. The only time I really heard a big difference was when I switched from using heavy lamp cord to flat speaker cable. The difference was huge. It hit me in the face. It is what started me on the track to publishing this magazine.

But comparing well-constructed cables with other well-constructed cables is contentious, invoking angry debate among those who willingly part with thousands of dollars for cables, and the nay-sayers, who are stubbornly incredulous that such people have any sense of getting one's money's worth. But, think of it this way: Are the conductors inside your preamplifier and power amplifier the cheapest wiring they could find, or are they carefully manufactured and selected for their conduction qualities? The wiring you purchase to conduct the signal between components is no less important than the wiring inside the components. The lower the reactive impedance of that wiring, the better. As you will see in the bench tests below, the WireWorld cables had almost immeasurabaly low reactive impedance.

The WireWorld cables did their job, but I could not detect any audible difference between them and my reference cables. However, my reference cables are very good. On the other hand, the WireWorld cables, particularly the Platinum Eclipse Interconnects and the Eclipse 6 Speaker Cables, showed the lowest reactive impedance curves I have yet seen in any cable. So, from an electronic standpoint, the WireWorld cables are superior to my reference cables, some of which are higher priced than the WireWorld. Even if one thinks he/she cannot hear the difference high quality cables make, they do make a difference (perhaps subliminally), because reactive impedance in a conductor affects the signal in a deleterious way, always. So, if you want the best fidelity, purchase the best cables you can afford.

Even if I could not hear the difference between the WireWorld and my other high-end cables, that doesn't mean you would not be able to hear the difference, and remember, a low reactive impedance cable will result in less deterioration of the signal as it passes between components. If you have paid thousands for high end players, preamps, and power amps, it is logical and prudent to pay attention to the quality of what you connect them together with. The brain can perceive things that we are not consciously aware of in an obvious manifestation. It may be as simple as letting you be comfortable for longer listening periods.