Audio Cables

Argentum Audio Cables: The Mythos Analog Interconnect, Argento Digital Interconnect, Aureus Speaker Cable, and Proteus Power Cable



We may not like to admit it, but a lot of us own source components, amplifiers, processors, and/or speakers that emphasize treble detail at the expense of midrange warmth and bass richness. In fact, some components are so bright and monochromatic that they'd fool you into thinking that low sampling rate mp3s actually transmit the sound of music. Argentum cabling was designed with such bright, overly detailed systems in mind. Its ability to transform a system into one far more neutral and pleasing is immense.

Argentum also has an equal effect on overly bright, compromised recordings. If you listen to lots of pop and rock, and lament that the wholesale application of compression that plagues today's recording industry has not only limited dynamics but also replaced timbral variation with monochromatic noise and glare, Argentum might be just the cabling you need to make lousy recordings of music by artists you love more listenable. If much of your collection consists of low sampling rate mp3s that you've downloaded from the web or peer networks, you will likely find Argentum just what the doctor ordered.


Main Living Room Reference System:
Digital Front End
PS Audio PerfectWave CD/DVD transport
PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC
Theta Gen VIII Series 2 DAC/Preamp
Apple Intel Dual Core Macbook Pro
Wavelength's asynchronous Wavelink

VTL 450W tube monoblock prototypes with KT-88 tubes

Talon Khorus X speakers MK. IV with Bybee Quantum Noise Purifiers
Four Bybee Golden Goddess Super Effect Speaker Bullets, two on each speaker

Nordost Odin 1.5m single-ended and balanced interconnects
Nordost Odin 1.25 or 1.5m AES/EBU digital interconnect
Nordost Odin 1.25 or 1.5 m BNC digital interconnect (for use with computer hook-up)
Nordost Odin 3m. bi-wired speaker cable
Nordost Odin power cables (six total, two 1m. two 2m, two 2m w. 20 amp connectors for my amps)
Nordost Valhalla 1.5m power cables for my Classe 6 phono preamp and Nordost Quantum Qx4
Kimber AG Silver USB Cable
PS Audio HDMI based solid silver I2S12 cable
WireWorld Gold Starlight 6 BNC digital cable
Kimber D60 BNC cable

Nordost QB8 and Quantum Qx4
IsoClean or HiFi Tuning audiophile grade fuses in most components

Dedicated line for system

Clearaudio Emotion turntable with Satisfy arm
Soundsmith "The Voice" phono cartridge
Benz MC-Gold phono cartridge
Classe 6 phono preamp with better umbilical cord
Symposium Platform under turntable

Finite Elemente Cerapuc supports
Marigo Mystery Feet
Ganymede ball bearing supports
IsoClean and HiFi Tuning audiophile grade fuses in all equipment.
Synergistic ART Room Tuning system
Acoustic Resonators
Michael Green Deluxe Ultrarack, Basic Racks and Corner Tunes
Shakti stones on transport, DAC, amps, etc.
Four Shakti Hallographs
Echo Buster and Corner Busters
Bedini Dual Beam Ultraclarifier
Marigo Signature 3-D Mat v2;
Ayre demagnetizing CD
Various CD sprays
Michael Green brass Audiopoints

Main System Room Dimensions
The living/listening room is 24.5' deep, 21.4' wide. It's big enough to accommodate 16 members of the Bay Area Audiophile Society, positioned in three or four rows facing the speakers. Ceilings are 9' high with heavy wooden crossbeams, each 17" in height.

The system itself is not in the center of the room. At the far end of the room, not far from the right speaker, is a large, 8.33' wide wooden-framed archway that leads into a large dining room. (This is where first-order reflections head). The distance from the front door to the end of the dining room is 37'.

There is a lot of space to the left of the left speaker. First-order reflections aim toward a small alcove that leads to the front door. While a heavy curtain covers the windows behind the system, the wall behind the speakers is not flat due to record shelves and room supports. There are other openings on the right wall, close to the listening position, that lead to the stairway and kitchen. In the rear, behind the sweet spot, is a large granite fireplace that also catches and messes with the sound.

Floors are hardwood and carpet in front of the system, and hardwood elsewhere. Walls in the living room are a combination of plaster and wood, with a large granite fireplace in the rear. The dining room is all plaster.

Room treatment includes RoomTune and Echo buster triangles in upper corners; either an Echo Buster or heavy tapestry at key places on side walls, a complete Synergistic Acoustic ART resonance treatment system, and a few of Frank Cheng's resonators. For photos, see

Upstairs Second System:
Genesis I-60 Integrated amp
Von Schweikert VR-4jr. speakers bi-wired with Nordost Valhalla
Proton 26" non-HD anything but flat decidedly undigital TV
Basic Pioneer DVD player
ExactPower EP15A equipped with outlets from Sound Applications and other mods
Nordost Valhalla bi-wired speaker cable
Assortment of WireWorld Gold Eclipse 5, Harmonic Tech Magic One, and Nordost Valhalla interconnects
Nordost Valhalla, Elrod EPS-2 Signature, and AudioPrism SuperNatural S2 power cables
Ganymede ball bearing supports

Desktop Computer System
Apple iMac G5 with Intel Core 2 Duo
Benchmark DAC-1 USB
Audio Engine 5 self-powered speakers
Dynaudio Focus 110A self-powered speakers
PS Audio Power Plant Premier
Nordost Valhalla power cabling
Harmonic Tech Magic One, Nordost Valhalla, or Nordost Odin interconnects
WireWorld Gold Eclipse speaker cable
WireWorld USB cable
Kimber AG Silver USB cable
Ganymede Ball Bearing supports