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Electric Bamboo AC Line Purifier

electric-bamboo-10-08-fig-1a-thumb.jpgThe gloves were off, and the gauntlet thrown. On May 26, 2008, Jim Pierce of Amazing Audio sent me (Jason Serinus) a major challenge via e-mail.


Torus RM-10 Power Conditioner, Isolation, and Protection Unit

Torus RM-10Torus Power makes as wide an array of isolation transformers as I have ever encountered. The 100 amp version (RM-100) would be a great addition for supplying isolated AC to an entire home theater in custom install situations, but a small one like the RM-10 is useful especially for digital sources and projectors, the total power of which does not exceed 10 amperes.


Benchmark DAC1 USB


My initial review of the DAC1 Digital-to-Analog Converter appeared in these pages toward the end of 2003. As I wrote at that time, Allen Burdick of Benchmark Media explained that the DAC1, then retailing for $850, was designed with the recording engineer in mind. Since then, the DAC1 has continued to make waves in the audiophile community. Benchmark Media has responded accordingly, embracing the home entertainment market by significantly upgrading the unit's performance while keeping the cost of the basic unit under $1000.


Meridian F80 Compact System - Radio/CD/DVD Player

meridian-f-80-radio-teaser.jpgI really don't know what else to say here. The F80 is a very simple, very elegant, and fantastic way to play incredible sounding music from your favorite FM stations as well as CDs and iPod, all from an enclosure not much larger than a shoebox.


Zektor CVS4 4x1 Component Video Switcher Used as 5.1 Analog Audio Switcher

zektor-switcher-figure-1-small.jpgThe Zektor CVS4 4 x 1 Component Video Switcher can be used to switch 5.1 analog audio from two or more DVD players to your SSP or receiver, so you can listen to the new high definition audio soundtracks from HD DVD and Blu-ray movie discs.


Audioengine AW1 Wireless Music Transmitter/Receiver

audio-engine-w1-wireless-adapter-teaser.jpgSo there you have it – how I solved my yearly summer outdoors music problem with a terrific economical device from Audioengine, the AW1. I hate to sound like an advertisement, but order one, give it a try, and send it back if you don’t agree with me that it’s a flexible, high quality, and very useful product.


APC S20 Power Conditioner with Battery Backup

2008-01-APC-front-large.jpgWhen I was asked to review the APC S20, a power conditioner with battery backup, I didn’t fully appreciate how important or perfect this unit would be in controlling and protecting the gear in our Home Theater, but after using it for a few months, I now consider the APC S20 an essential part of our setup.


Nordost Thor Power Distribution Center

nordost-thor-power-distribution-center-teaser.jpgNordost's new power distribution center is called the Thor. In my system, it took music reproduction to an entirely different level. Within minutes, I felt that everything I had heard before was merely play-acting. What changed? Images that had previously floated in their correct little spaces in that classic, somewhat disembodied “audiophile way” now seemed to hold together in a far more realistic manner. They weren’t simply arranged or staged; they belonged together.


Whitworth Design Pulse Carbon Fiber Speaker Stands

standWhen you are out shopping for a home theater system, and you take your DVD player, receiver, speakers, and subwoofer home, two of the things you might realize when setting it all up are (1) you didn't get enough cables and the cables you did get are not long enough; and (2) the bookshelf speakers don't fit very well on the shelf.


Wireworld Eclipse 5 and Silver Eclipse 5 Audio Cables


Wireworld's Eclipse 52 cable line is an example of definitive electrical engineering and physics principles applied to conduction in the world of audio. Specifically, their cables are based on the Heaviside condition. Read on to see an explanation.


Legenburg Zeus Interconnects and Speaker Cables

Cables Interconnect

Over the past few years, several new companies that manufacture A/V cables have emerged. Most of them sell these cables at entry-level prices. The cables are good, basic designs. Legenburg, although a new cable company, is definitely not in the entry-level arena. It is high-end.