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Control4 HC-250 System


Current Conclusions of the Control4 HC-250 System (July 2013)

In my current use as a system controller, Control4 does an admirable job. The issues I've run into have either been due to poor drivers from a company, or tasks that only a certified installer would handle. For daily use, the system has done nothing but work flawlessly.

The ability to use both a smartphone or tablet and a hard remote is very useful. The hard remote is good for most things, and especially controlling while watching a movie or TV. For browsing my music library or searching online for a podcast, the iOS and Android devices do a great job of adding additional functionality to the remote. I could control everything with just my phone, but I do like having a physical remote to use.

What I would like to see in the future with Control4 would be more streaming content through the controller itself. The Wireless Music Bridge makes sending Spotify and other content easy, but doing it straight from the Control4 app is even easier. I'd also appreciate the ability to directly add a playlist to the Listen menu, so my wife or son can access their music more directly.

I plan to add-on to this review as my Control4 system expands. Later this summer I will be upgrading much of the lighting in my house to be controlled by the system as well. Will this be as easy for my family and guests to use as the current system is, or will the complexity overwhelm them? I believe it will be a success based on my current experiences and look forward to finding out.

When I set out to do this Control4 review, all I wanted was to add a receiver and speakers to the living room without upsetting my wife. I wanted it to be easy to use and provide a better entertainment experience. Now I'm planning how to add full house distributed audio in our next home, and have the lighting and music in our bedroom gently rouse me from sleep. Forget making TV easy, it's going to make my whole house easy and more enjoyable.

So I suggest you go down and find a Control4 dealer. Pick up the remote and hit the '4' button at the top. You'll be watching a movie or listening to music in no time, without any assistance at all. Then you'll want it in your house so it can make everything that easy.