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Meridian F80 Compact System - Radio/CD/DVD Player



The CD/DVD player has all the features you would expect from this type of product. The player loads via a thin slot at the bottom of the system. You can use the optical out for the DVD audio to be sent to your processor or receiver if you like. For CDs, the sound of the F80 is quite good, so there is no real need to use your receiver there. In fact, that is the whole point of the F80. It is a relatively small unit that produces a huge sound.

Here is the remote control. It is about the size and thickness of a book of matches.














In Use

Well, I am not going to mince words, and this review is short because the bottom line is short. I think the F80 is the best single chassis compact system (Radio/CD/DVD Stereo Speakers) on earth. I have never heard a sound like this coming from such a (relatively) small enclosure.

Part of what makes the F80 sound so good is the bass tilt feature. I found this to be indispensible in getting a great sound no matter where I placed it.

Even when I cranked things up for room filling volume, the bass was tight and the treble was clean. No wonder the F80 is so heavy. There are a lot of massive components in there.

The DVD player functioned well too, but I really think consumers will purchase the F80 because of the radio, the CD player, the iPod dock feature, and the astonishing sound that emanates.


I really don't know what else to say here. The F80 is a very simple, very elegant, and fantastic way to play incredible sounding music from your favorite FM stations as well as CDs and iPod, all from an enclosure not much larger than a shoebox.