ClearStream Micron Over-the-Air Indoor DTV Antenna



Signal reception over-the-air is very location dependent. In my house alone, the reception varied between the two rooms I tested the antenna in. Many factors influence this: terrain, distance from the broadcast tower, line-of-sight. A rooftop antenna is often a more reliable option, however, for many installing a rooftop antenna or having access to it from a particular location may not be possible. An indoor antenna provides a valuable alternative. Do spend time, however, to find the optimal location for your antenna should you have some placement flexibility. Even small shifts can affect signal quality.

For me, the Micron antenna provided reliable reception for many channels. I am on the edge of the recommended 25-mile radius limit, so pairing it with the optional pre-amplifier kit or moving up to its larger sibling might have helped. Even so, the performance delivered overall was very good. The antenna is very presentable; you don't have to worry if the antenna needs to be in plain-sight. Definitely consider the ClearStream Micron if you are in the market for an indoor antenna.