On-Q/Legrand evoQ Center Channel Speakers

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On-Q/Legrand evoQ Center Channel Speakers


On-Q/Legrand, the leader in home systems, just launched its new evoQ Center Channel Speakers for home theaters. The bookshelf design of the new speakers allows dealers to install a center channel speaker in homes that cannot accommodate a built-in center speaker. By combining this flexible design with the advanced acoustical engineering of the evoQ 5000 and 7000 Series, the new products round out the company's offering of high-quality home theater speakers. Many homes have architectural and interior design features that prohibit a built-in home theater from being properly installed. Angled ceilings, fireplaces, plasma televisions, and entertainment centers make it difficult for installers to create a home theater with an accurately placed center channel speaker. With the evoQ Center Channel Speakers, an installer can design a home theater setup with a center channel speaker sitting in an entertainment center, on a mantle, or even on a shelf. The low-profile speakers blend in well with any décor, like the company's in-wall and in-ceiling home theater speakers.